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Wednesday 12st September

19:30-21:30   Welcome reception (Skyline Hotel Nagari)

Thursday 13th September (Centro Social NovaCaixaGalicia)

09:00-9:30   Registration
09:30-10:15   Lars Jermiin (Australia) – “Evidence of model misspecification in a recent phylogenomic study of yeast”
10:15-11:00  Guy Baele (Belgium) – “Accurate model selection while accommodating phylogenetic uncertainty in Bayesian phylogenetics”
11:00-11:30   Coffee break
11:30-12:15   Olivier Gascuel (France) – “Fast least-squares algorithms to estimate rates and dates from serial phylogenies”
12:15-13:00   Oliver Eulenstein (USA) – “Pareto based supertrees”
13:00-15:00   Lunch
15:00-15:45   Alexis Stamatakis (Germany) – “Phylogeny-aware analysis and post-analysis of short reads”
15:45-16:30   Nicolas Lartillot (Canada) – “Integrating phylogeny, molecular evolution and the comparative method”
16:30-17:00   Coffee break
17:00-17:45   Ziheng Yang (UK) – “Species delimitation using genomic sequence data”
17:45-18:30   Tandy Warnow (USA) – “New methods for estimating species trees from multi-marker datasets”

Friday 14th September (Centro Social NovaCaixaGalicia)

09:30-10:15   Laura Kubatko (USA) – “Species tree estimation from SNP data under the coalescent”
10:15-11:00   Luay Nakhleh (USA) – “Phylogenetic inference and reconciliation in the presence of ILS and reticulation: parsimony and likelihood approaches”
11:00-11:30   Coffee break
11:30-12:15   Bastien Boussau (USA) – “Genome-scale joint reconstruction of species and gene trees”
12:15-13:00   Leo Martins (Spain) – “Probabilistic parsimonious reconstruction of species trees from multiple gene trees”
13:00-15:00   Lunch
15:00-15:45  Mukul Bansal (USA) – “Reconciliation revisited: towards faster and more accurate inference of gene family evolution by duplication, transfer, and loss”
15:45-16:30   Jens Lagergren (Sweden) – “Reconciliation based probabilistic analysis of gene family evolution.”
16:30-17:00   Coffee break

18:30-23:30   Activity & Main dinner (Marine Museum and Los Escudos Restaurant)

Saturday 15th September

9:00-19:30   Excursion to Cies Islands